You effectively could lose your Right To Information if you don't fight TODAY


people have already supported our cause. Time is up.

Appeal to Citizens

Dear Citizen,

Under the Constitution of India as an Indian Citizen YOU are sovereign and are guaranteed certain Fundamental Rights. One of these Rights is Freedom of Speech, however to be Free To Speak you need to be Free To Know. It is this right that the present Govt is trying to curtail.

The Right To Information act 2005 granted YOU powers to ask questions & demand accountability for the way YOUR taxes are being spent. It gave YOU the power to know details of the work done in YOUR localities, the decisions taken by YOUR govt.

Unfortunately the Right To Information Amendment 2019 just passed by YOUR MPs now threatens to take away YOUR power by making Information Commissioners dependent on THEIR whims. Taking away impartiality & independence so that everyone from the Central Information Commissioner to now dependent on THEM & therefore less answerable to YOU.

To change this please send a letter to the his Excellency the President of India asking him to return the bill to the Parliament.

Stand up! Be counted now!

You Excellency,

I a citizen of India am writing to you, our great Republic's Head of State to ask that your govt doesn't impinge on our right to question.

India is the world's largest democracy & a democracy is only as strong as its active citizenry. In 2005 the citizens of India were granted a right to gain access to public information via the Right to Information Act 2005. This act was hailed universally as one of the most successful laws of independent India. Whether you were a farmer, a lawyer or a concerned citizen almost every department of the administration was truly forced to be democratic in spirit and word by being accountable, transparent & citizen friendly.

This act protected citizens from imperious bureaucrats, opaque officials & unco-operative people in power. Through its information democracy grew and flourished.

Unfortunately the Right To Information Act Ammendment 2019 is trying to kill this. By making Information Commissioners whether state or central accountable to prescriptions on salary & tenure to the Central Govt & not to benchmarks of other independent institutions it impinges on their freedom.

Honorable Rashtrapati Ji,

Information Commissioners are meant to be adjudicators who decide between a citizen & a govt especially when the former is being denied information. As such they are expected to be independent of the state. But tying up their salaries and tenure to rules set up by the Central Govt their very independence & impartiality is threatened.

Rashtrapatiji, if this takes place it will deal a body blow to accountability and transparency.

As an active citizen I request that you use your power to send this bill back to Parliament with a request that it be revised to protect the independence of Information Commissioners

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